·        Complete RF Design, mechanical analysis, FEA, environmental validation and material selection

·        Electrical and mechanical optimization

·        Transmission loss, mechanical environmental, high power and RCS testing 

·        Low observatory technology, frequency selective surfaces, and embedded antennas 

·        Reverse engineering 

·        Aircraft Installation and Integration

·        Tool design

Composite Processes & Materials

·        Processes include prepeg lay-up, vacuum bag, autoclave cure, CNC machining, and Vacuum-Assisted Resin Transfer Molding (VARTM)

·        Experienced with all types of fibers, resins, core materials and coatings.Radome coatings include anti-static top coats, polyurethane rain erosion coatings, fluoroelastomers, epoxies and radar absorbing materials (RAM).


·        10′ x 20′ & 8′ x 20′

·        Positions us for continuous growth in the defense marketplace

·        Eliminates dependency on outside suppliers when production spikes or quick reaction projects arise

CNC Machine 

·        6’x16′ 5-Axis

·        Shortens load times

·        Reduces costs

·        Improves dimensional accuracy

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