Military Radomes

Complex radomes for air, ground and sea platforms. Designed, certified, and manufactured using world-class knowledge of smart materials for lower cost, reduced weight, superior aerodynamics and optimised performance.


Antenna and radar systems need to be protected, but the structure must allow radar or radio waves to pass through them.

Meggitt has decades of experience in developing radomes for commercial and military platforms, including:

  • Nose radomes (MSCAN & AESA)
  • Satcom radomes
  • Special mission radomes (ELINT, SIGINT, RWR, MAW, etc.)
  • Weather radar radomes
Our military radomes typically include:
  • precise aerodynamic profiles performing across the frequency band
  • function at extremely environmental conditions (high G forces)
  • maintain low observability to the enemy

From fire control radar to conformal Electronic Warfare (EW) radomes for fast jets to rotary platforms, we have  the experience you desire with proprietary electromagnetic design codes developed and proven over many years.


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